Friday, February 10. Missing Man in Crockett
On a day set aside for a full-team training, CoCo SAR instead spent the day searching for a 66-year-old male who had been missing for two weeks. The man, thought to be despondent, had left his home January 26 th and had not been seen since. In addition to Sheriff’s deputies and volunteers, friends and family had already canvassed the area without locating the subject. The Hasty Squad met Friday night to organize, review maps, and write up detailed plans for a final, thorough search.

The command post was on site early Saturday morning, ready to send out field teams as soon as the first of 125 searchers arrived for the day. Two divisions were used in this search—one to manage the north side of San Pablo Avenue, and the other to manage the south side. Field teams scoured hillsides, neighborhoods, train tracks and the water’s edge. The subject was found deceased just as the search was about to conclude. Team members helped extricate the body and perform the carryout for the Coroner.