Mission Summary: Richmond

Wednesday, December 21. Evidence Search in Richmond
A metal detector callout was made to assist the Richmond Police Department with an evidence search following an officer-involved shooting. Seven team members responded to the callout. The search area included a parking lot, grassy  areas between buildings, and a hotel lobby. No evidence was found.

Mission Summary: Solano County

The SAR team was called at midnight on Wednesday, December 7to aid Solano County with the second operational period search effort for a missing 20-year-old woman with mental disabilities. Twelve team members responded to OES for a pre-dawn departure. Once on site, members were assigned to canine, tracking, and ground-pounder field teams, as well as overhead responsibilities in the command post. A second callout was issued mid-morning, with 18 additional team members responding. Shortly afterward the missing subject was spotted by local residents when she exited a barn where she had taken refuge overnight. She was checked out by medical personnel and deemed to be in good health