50 Percent Attrition Every Two Years? Not at CoCoSAR

By John P Banuelos, Academy Sergeant

The rule of thumb in Search and Rescue Team circles is that there is an attrition rate of 50 percent every two years for a new Academy class. Based on the latest team roster, CoCoSAR does not follow convention.

Our team can proudly state that our attrition rate is closer to 50 percent every three years and six months based on data going back to 2007. While we haven't yet hit our objective of 50 percent every four years, the current number speaks volumes of our members themselves and their desire to be on this team.

My class of 2009 followed the projection line of attrition almost perfectly. I miss every member from my class whose name is no longer on the team roster. As a class, we always rooted for all our fellow members to persevere through navigation, the Type 2 hike, UNO, and myriad other small challenges. We smiled whenever we saw each other at a new search, ready to link up and once again take on the ardor of a fresh challenge.

While 14 of my classmates are now gone, 93 of you from the classes of 2010 to the fresh class of 2012 have taken their place. Like those before you, I smile when I see you. I join you as my new brothers and sisters in arms at our latest challenges.

I hope that I will see all of you, from our latest classes to the grizzled veterans who came before me, for many more years to come. 

Nancy Hart, Rick Najarian, Karyn Corcoran, Larry Fong are part of the line of past Academy sergeants, along with Diane Moschetti, Diane Blue and Wilma Murray as the  über-recruiters that need to be acknowledged as contributors to our solid retention rate.