A Growing Reputation

Over the past six weeks, our team has participated in quite a few operations. We’ve had hasty searches, full team searches, Type I searches and special details. To a person, your individual contributions have not gone unnoticed. 

The professionalism and hard work is creating a relationship throughout our department that continues to grow. The visibility we get in our operations is generating more and more requests for service. 

We recently had a search in Alamo for a despondent teenage girl.  While in reality this was a fairly routine search event, we had support that was not routine. In our CP, we had a detective assigned to assist with the missing person investigation.  Why? This detective witnessed the team’s activities in Crockett a few months ago, and was extremely impressed. When we deployed, investigations immediately added a Detective to our CP. This created a coordinated, seamless SAR and Sheriff’s Office investigation. 

A few weeks back, SAR Reserves were specifically asked to assist the SWAT Team and narcotics investigators hike in and eradicate a clandestine pot grow. Why SAR? Our reputation and known fitness standards gave the full-time staff comfort in knowing our people could handle themselves in a very physically rigorous event. 

Another example of the team’s reputation was in the recent Type I deployment to Monterey County. This search for the missing fisherman was in some incredibly difficult terrain that only a few teams in Northern California could handle. We were one of only a couple of teams that were personally requested to assist Monterey County. This was solely based on the reputation of a very respected organization.

The underlying point is that we provide a unique service. Not only that, but we do it better than any other team can. This is a direct result of everyone’s dedication to the overall mission of the SAR program. It’s easy to want to be the best. It’s extremely difficult to actually be the best. All the hours team members commit to the organization pays off in a host of benefits to the community. The value of SAR is well recognized and appreciated throughout the Sheriff's Office.