About The Callout

Welcome to the callout, the online newsletter/blog of the Contra Costa County Search and Rescue Team (CoCoSAR). The purpose of this blog is as follows:

Public Relations

  • Raising public awareness of what CoCo SAR does in and for the community and beyond
  • Recruiting new team members

Team Spirit

  • Recognizing the contributions of individual team members
  • Sharing with family, friends and the community our pride in what we’re doing


  • Skills advancement/reinforcement
    • Tips for searchers
    • Medical information and training
    • Search management
    • Lost subject behavior
    • Radio communication processes and etiquette
  • Awareness of team gear
    • How to use/manage it
    • Where to find it
    • What works/what doesn’t

Team Communications

  • Upcoming events
  • Policy changes
  • Search results
  • SAR community news
  • Introduction of new programs

Team History

You’ll find three things on this blog:

  1. CoCoSAR Team members and invited experts sharing their voices on search and rescue.
  2. Links to interesting online news and features about the team’s work and opportunities to help support that work.
  3. Links to search and rescue (SAR) news from around the state of California.

If you’re looking to learn more about CoCoSAR, or are interested in joining the team, visit the team website.

Callout Staff

Natalie Zensius

Executive Editor
Wilma Murray

Pierce Plam

Staff Writers
Tori Hirata
Randy Franks