Additional Type 2 Hikes Available


The following Type 2 qualifying hike opportunities have been added to the CoCoSAR team calendar. Please sign up on the website when the event is posted. Team members are encouraged to participate as proctors and for conditioning and encouragement. Be a good teammate!

The requirement is to complete the specified 5-mile course in no more than 2.5 hours and carrying a 20-pound pack. Course map and GPS tracks are on the CoCoSAR website in the documents section. Maps will not be provided at the site.

Team uniforms are not required. Do not bring non-SAR canines; if your canine is not on the SAR Canine Resource, do not bring him/her.

The Type 2 hike location is at the Shell Ridge (WCOS) trailhead at Marshall Drive by Indian Valley Elementary School in Walnut Creek. Google Map 500 Marshal Drive for directions.

  • Monday, Aug. 26 – 1800 hours sign-in and weigh-in, 1815 hours timed start
  • Sunday, Sept. 15 – 0800 hours sign-in and weigh-in, 0815 hours timed start
  • Tuesday, Oct. 7 - 1800 hours. This is the first class of the Type 2 Academy. Uniforms (full team/proctor) are required. All team members are encouraged to participate in order to support the new Type 2 Academy team members.

There will be one more Type 2 hike qualifying opportunity in calendar year 2013.