April Hasty Squad Training

Hasty Tng Danville April 2013 030The Hasty Squad had an excellent training on a beautiful Wednesday day and night in Danville. The training was a mock search for a missing at-risk autistic 16 year old. There were 33 searchers in the field, with another 12 as role players and proctors.

The teenager went missing after leaving his house for school in the early morning and it was reported that he never attended any of his classes. The search began at the subject’s house where team members met with a Danville PD IC officer and the subject’s mother, played by team member Nancy Hart. There they had a briefing from the IC, a search of the subject’s house,and interviews began. CP was set up at a nearby San Ramon High School and field and bike teams were soon sent out.

Information was discovered on the subject’s Facebook page that led searchers to his tutor and a friend at a nearby Yogurt Shack. From the tutor, it was learned that they both had an argument over test preparation that morning and the subject had a “stress” episode and left campus to head to an unknown location.

Soon thereafter, the father of the subject called from overseas and gave information of a past hike the two had taken on a nearby trail in Las Trampas.  The missing subject was found by a bike team. He was injured, but in overall stable condition.

Thank you to our proctors and role players:
Nancy Hart, Patrick Walker, Daniel Rathert, Richard Najarian, Kang Lim, Steve Filippoff, Chris Young, Rick Kovar, Frank Moschetti, Dale Myer and Bryan Walley.

Thank you to our Hasty drivers:
Diane Blue, Jack Peabody, Ed Griffith and Patrick Dodson.