Team Commendations, December 2013

Peabody JackJack Peabody
Quietly, behind the scenes, Jack has been putting in a lot of work and effort with the MRG Group and preparing MRG members for their ELT recertification testing in March. Jack has organized a training plan to accomplish this and has recruited and trained a squad of team members as well. And many times now Jack has been up early in the still-dark dark hours to go out and station beacons and tracks so the squad can train. A big thank you, Jack!

Steve Filippoff and Tim MurphymurphyFilippoff
Over a year ago, both Tim and Steve began work in training their canines to become CoCoSAR-certified trailing dogs. This past month, along with their canines, they both passed their tests and became certified members of the Canine Resource. This is a huge accomplishment and has required an immense amount of time, dedication and sacrifice on their part. Adding two more trailing canines to our team adds a tremendous additional ability for us to find our missing subjects and/or determine a direction of travel for them. This will greatly enhance our team’s response to an emergency. Well done, Tim and Steve!

wilma murrayWilma Murray
Wilma led an excellent and energized group of team members that produced our recent SAR holiday party last month. She led the effort from the very first Social SAR meeting in early 2013 to the very end of the event in December. It was a great success! Wilma was also a leader in helping many fellow team members out in recertifying their EMR certification by organizing skillset training prior to testing. Well done, Wilma.

Team Commendations, November 2013

Command Staff is pleased to select these two team members for November Member Recognition;

 Harrison Robert-MBob Harrison
Bob is commended for his tireless work as the Medical Sgt. for CoCoSAR. His leadership in organizing, recruiting and executing over 12 Medical Support Missions for various events during the year has been outstanding. These Medical Missions places our SAR Team in the spotlight among our community; Bob’s work has been professional and very much appreciated!

Chris Coelho
Coelho Chris-MChris is a very active SAR Team Member and has just been appointed the Mountain Rescue Group (MRG) Lead for the team. His past work as the MRG Logistics has greatly enhanced the readiness of that group for future missions. Chris was also a proctor for the recent Wilderness Emergency Medical Responder (WEMR) Class.



Updated – Team Commendations, October 2013

Command Staff is pleased to announce the below team members as being selected for the October 2013 Member Recognition:

Lamb SteveSteve Lamb
Steve has been a busy bee on a number of activities for the SAR Team. He has been behind the scenes assisting with Logistics on a number of trainings including Urban Shield. Mainly, Steve has logged many hours with his work within USAR Logistics in doing outstanding work in organizing both the USAR Truck and USAR Trailer. His work places the SAR Team in even a better position to respond to an emergency.

Casey Riggs / Micheal RiggsRiggs Micheal Riggs Casey
Seems that both Casey and Micheal have found a niche within the Type 3 and Type 2 Academies. We believe that there was not one class or training that they did not attend and help out. That is a lot time and commitment. Add on top of that being Coach to several new Cadets and throw on top of that they attended the full team training and searches for the month. Thank you Casey and Micheal for your hard work and dedication to the SAR Team and your community.

Banuelos JohnEd_GriffithFong LarryJohn Banuelos, Ed Griffith, Larry Fong
For tremendous work, effort, and long hours over the Type II and Type III academies, as well as UNO, John Banuelos, Ed Griffith and Larry Fong earned captain’s commendations. Another great Academy season!

Eichinger WalterWalter Eichinger
And not to be forgotten: Walter Eichinger received a captain’s commendation for his extensive recent body of work. Walter has numerous jobs on the team, including among them HR lieutenant, Hasty Squad sergeant, Cadets advisor and Social Committee advisor. He put on a successful Hasty Squad training in August that required coordination with multiple agencies. In recent months he has also hosted a movie night at the Brendan Theatre and a full-team picnic. Walter’s HR responsibilities involve, among other things, tracking hours, team trainings and membership compliance, as well as updating the team roster each month. Well done, Walter!

Team Commendations, July 2013

Diane Blue / Wilma Murray
Both Diane and Wilma put in a tremendous volume of work with the New Member Orientation, Application, and Oral Board process for the Type 3 Academy. Once again this duo represented the SAR Team and Sheriff Dept. in a professional and excellent manner with all the new applicants. We now have 35 excellent Type 3 students for our Sept. Academy which will greatly benefit the SAR Team.

Cindee Valentin / Carol O’Neil / Jennifer Wright
These three team members are the leadership our of Canine Resource. During July they each logged a great deal of hours into training new canines as well as new student canine handlers. This is in addition to conducting the twice a week regular trainings the resource has. In end the goal of additional canines will greatly enhance our search capabilities and our team.


Team Commendations, June 2013

Joe Keyser
Joe under took a large task of organizing, scheduling, and planning the recent Type 1 Academy. His overall supervision was definitely “hands on” and his direction challenged a new group of Type 1 students. In end this will greatly benefit the SAR Team.

Tim Murphy
‚ÄčTim was the driver for a recent series of USAR Rope Rescue Trainings that many team members from all levels of experience took advantage of. In addition to the scheduled trainings Tim even agreed to meet students for some extra sessions for some additional trainings. The result will also greatly benefit the SAR Team in our future searches. Good work to Joe and Tim and thank you for you dedication & membership to the SAR Team!

Team Commendations, May 2013

Nancy Hoffman
Nancy was a key leader in the recent Full team Medical Training at the CSU Campus in May. First, she secured and worked out all the logistics for the training with the campus staff. In addition, Nancy provided and guided many of the medical scenarios before and during the training. We received great feedback that the training provided the teaching points and refreshers that each team member needs.

Ed Molascon
Ed has taken many different assignments through the SAR Team both in front and behind the scenes and we all agree he does them all in an excellent manner. Ed’s work within the team has been described as leader, mentor, encouraging, patient, and tireless to name as few.

Natalie Zensius
Natalie has been recognized for her outstanding work with the recent reorganization of the The Call Out Newsletter. She has changed the direction of the newsletter to an on going source of online information for the team and providing a valuable tool for all team members.

Team Commendations, April 2013

464828_10151446969127157_1682205153_o (1)Micheal and Casey Riggs
The Rescue Twins were nominated for their support of a fellow team member on the second Diablo Endurance Hike (DEH), a Type 1 qualification hike. While both had already certified at a prior DEH event, a fellow team member had not. Knowing this, they volunteered to give up another Sunday to assist her with the second attempt. They faced the heat of the day and provided a guardianship from start to finish with their selected charge.  This is a distinguished example of teammates helping other teammates to succeed. 

Alan Mathews
Alan Mathews was nominated for building, on his own time, an exceptional scale model of a home with everything needed to teach shoring for a recent USAR training. Members commented that the scaled-down structure and scaled shoring equipment were precise in every detail, right down to the scaled-down nails.  Alan spent untold hours of work on a project that helped the USAR instructors better explain and his own teammates better understand the mechanics of USAR shoring and structure support. It was done solely to aid his fellow USAR teammates.

Nancy Hart
Nancy Hart was nominated for her recent contribution, specifically to the Hasty Squad. She developed and delivered a lecture to the Hasty Squad regarding subjects with autism and how to best manage them. In addition, she opened her home for a Hasty mock search in Danville. Her after-action report feedback helped Hasty members understand how CoCoSAR can be viewed as highly supportive to a family or a full-on intrusion, dependent on such simple actions as asking permission to enter, turning off radios to reduce unfiltered CP information, or eliminating nonpurposeful chatter in front of the family.  Her actions helped to raise the professionalism of Hasty members in attendance at both events.

EMR – Who Made It Happen?
While the celebration of the 2013 EMR student and re-certs of EMR has already occurred, kudos have to be extended all the proctors and instructors that supported their effort to pass EMR in 2013.

Over two dozen members of CoCoSAR attended the classes, helped at the labs and provided the support needed for the five skills stations. As proctors, they logged hours equal to the students with the objective of having everyone succeed at the EMR program. Of course the eight instructors have to be given recognition for their contribution to the success of the 2013 EMR program.  

However, of all the contributors, Ed Molascon probably logged the most hours and was viewed by fellow proctors as the hardest working. All EMR graduates and re-cert participants, please take the time to thank Ed for all the work that was done. Consider it a thank you to the over three-dozen contributors to the program. 

Team Commendations, March 2013

Command Staff is pleased to recognize five SAR Team members for exemplary service for the month of March.

Diane Blue and Anita Thede are recognized for their overall work with team fundraising and, in particular, the recent St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser. Diane and Anita not only participated in the event, but also planned and coordinated the SAR effort. Their work has helped bring much-needed funds to the SAR Team so we may continue our work!

For their “above and beyond” work in proctoring our current EMR class, Command Staff is pleased to recognize Catrina Christian, Laura Hubbard and Mike McMillan. Not only have they provided excellent proctor help during class hours, each has spent additional time at OES helping students with extra study sessions during non-class days/hours. The EMR students and instructors really appreciate this and the team as a whole benefits, as well.


Team Commendations, February 2013







Together Patrick Walker, who took the lead, and Joe Keyser, who offered mentoring, put together a challenging and interesting night mock search team training for February. This is no easy task. Patrick built a "plane" (or parts of it) to use for a crash scenario and gathered friends and family to act as subjects. This was an inventive project and as anyone who has ever put on a training knows, took a lot of work and organization. Kudos to Patrick and Joe for their efforts.

Team Commendations, January







Command Staff has selected Matt Shargel and Rick Najarian for member recognition for the month of January. Matt and Rick's exceptional leadership and quick, critical decision-making on the New Year's Eve/Day search on Mt. Tamalpias was an inspiration. This was a technical carryout over wet and difficult terrain, involving setting fixed safety lines and awkward belay work. Their direction during this four-hour-long extrication process resulted in the successful packaging and safe transport of the subject to CP. It also required managing the safety and responsibilities of about 30 people, but Matt and Rick were always on top of the situation. Bravo Matt and Rick!