Team Commendations, August

Joe Keyser seems to be everywhere these days, and among other things has been doing outstanding work with the Mountain Rescue Group (MRG). Joe is currently the lead instructor for the Wilderness First Responder medical class that started July 31st. He also recently led a group of Type I candidates on a wilderness trip to achieve their Advanced Back Packing Certification. The training included a high-altitude component. Overall, the MRG has greatly benefitted from Joe's management and leadership as the Training Corporal.




There is a trend here, with Tim Murphy and Steve Filippoff…




  ….selected again for recognition in August, even though they were each independently recognized earlier this year. Their continued hard work and dedication deserves additional praise. Together they organized the July full-team training to review swiftwater operations. In attendance were 105 team members and 12 proctors. The overwhelming feedback from participants indicated the training was well organized and did an effective job of teaching water safety and water rescue skills.