Team Commendations, December

Member Recognition

Natalie Zensius
As a new team member and graduate of this fall's Academy, Natalie wasted no time in stepping up to assume an important role. When it became necessary for other staff members to fill in to produce several issues of the Callout, Natalie volunteered her services right away. She immediately took a lead role in the production of the newsletter, which involved many hours of work. She also came up with valuable insights and objectives for future issues and has shown great enthusiasm and capabilities for the task. The Command Staff recognizes her excellent work.

Jim Gay
Jim recently completed two years as SAR's medical sergeant.  Former medical sergeants will attest to the difficulty of the job, which can often be unrecognized and thankless. It not only requires coordinating important medical details throughout the year, but also the need to maintain SAR medical equipment in a state of mission readiness. The Command Staff thanks Jim for his tenure in this role.