Team Commendations, March


Micheal and Casey Riggs are Explorers, and at the very young age of 15 have captured the spirit of community service. In their first year on the team, both Micheal and Casey have participated in many trainings, and volunteered for many support roles—in addition to their regular attendance at team meetings. They have helped at several public relations events, promoting SAR by speaking at schools and safety fairs. Not stopping there, they have participated as role players at many of the medical trainings.

Micheal and Casey have logged the most hours of any of the Explorers, and have attended nearly every full-team training over the past year. Most importantly, you will find Micheal and Casey always with a smile and an offer to help with whatever needs to be done

Jamie Cole was chosen to be recognized for his continued service to the Logistics Division on Logistics Night, as well as his ongoing support in the field. Jamie has been there every night, whether it required five minutes of work or five hours. He also has a great let’s-get-it-done attitude that fits right in with the rest of the logistics crew. Jamie is a very hard worker who always looks for the next task necessary to keep the team mission-ready. He consistently offers to help on searches and trainings, staying without complaint until the work is done. Logistics Lieutenant Chris Poppett says he is very proud to have Jamie on the team, helping so unselfishly to support our ongoing logistical needs.