Team Commendations, November

Member Recognition

Larry Fong, John Banuelos and Ed Griffith were selected  for member recognition for their outstanding leadership, organization, and direction for the recent Type 3, Type 2, and UNO trainings. It was another successful academy and they each dedicated a tremendous number of long hours and energy to ensure our team has the best students and proctors around.


Chris Poppett, Josh Israel, Chris Retta, and Judi Apfel were selected for their tremendous work with the Logistic Resource. In October there seemed hardly a night when one or all of them was not at OES setting up or breaking down for some SAR event or training. In addition, they performed a lot of logistic work outside the SAR Team as well. Logistics is a terrific team and we appreciate all the behind-the-scenes work they do.


Captain's Commendation

Jeremiah Kost and John Banuelos were awarded Captain's Commendations for their response to and participation in two out-of-county Type 1 searches and one in-county Hasty callout  within the same week. The dedication and spirit of community service was overwhelmingly demonstrated by their actions and we thank them so being such an example for our Team.