Team Commendations, September

Members of the Month-
Sam Barley for his work as the New Members Corporal. Sam stealthily worked in the background but he connected with all applicants, arranged for them to attend team trainings, and then shepherded them throughout the process. Sam did a great job of making the applicants feel welcome and excited about the team.






Pierce Plam for his work on the Callout.Pierce came up with the idea to transfer the Callout to WordPress, helped to set it up, and purchased a domain name. Last month he put the entire issue together in Mark Wilfer’s absence. He has volunteered to do so until Mark Wilfer is available.




Ileane Mankins for her sweat and tears given to create the new fundraising T-shirts. She is responsible for the all the legwork and negotiations that produced the new fund raising t-shirts. Ileane is acknowledged as the one person put in the most sweat and pushed the project to closure. Stated in the nomination, – If it weren’t for Ileane we would still be saying “we should make those t-shirts, we’ve been talking about.”–




Captain’s Commendations
Diane Blue and Wilma Murray will receive Captain Commendations for their hours of work that resulted in 40 students for the 2012 Academy. 
Both individuals spent endless hours in setting up Orientations for interested citizens, processing the applications, getting the Oral Boards staffed and completed, and finally delivering the best of the best to the 2012 Academy. At times people thought they were part of the OES staff given all the time they spent there.