Searcher Spotlight: David Cossu

Team members may not hear much from David Cossu, but he gets things done with a quiet efficiency. As a network consulting engineer for a large telecommunications company, he has some specific skills to offer and, if asked to use his expertise in the technical realm, he’s on it – helping to print out maps during a search or figuring out how to import a photo of a subject for dissemination, for example.

Last year, David earned member recognition for the month of May because of his help resolving a longstanding issue with network communications for several of the team's most critical search tools.

Prior to his work in telecommunications, David served in the Army for almost four years. During that time he lived in and traveled to a wide variety of places and enjoyed learning the history from each locale.

But despite living for some time back east, as well as in Turkey and Germany, he settled close to his roots – which were in Fairfield. He now lives in Walnut Creek with wife DeeAnna and three kids (not to mention a dog, cat and six chickens with possibly a rabbit on the way).

When David is not volunteering his time, he spends it with his kids and their activities. He also likes to ski, fish, river raft and hang out with friends over a good barbecued meal.

David joined CoCoSAR in the fall of 2010. He was looking to volunteer his time to something he felt “was meaningful and had a strong purpose and goal,” he says. After the orientation, he says, he was also attracted to the structure and the importance of the role SAR played in the community.

While bringing teamwork as well as technical skills to the team, David also continues to explore learning new things. He says he wants to continue to become more versatile and useful in different team capacities.

Three simple truths he says he has learned so far:

1.     You are not getting a call in the middle of the night from the Sheriff’s Office because someone just wants to chat with you, or they’re bored and have nothing better to do.

2.     When able, always check and see if you are needed to swing by OES to pick up a vehicle

3.     Make sure you have a dry pair of socks in your pack at all times.

David says he has been impressed with how well CoCoSAR members conduct themselves during multi-agency, out-of-county efforts, and “the high level of professionalism that is demonstrated at all times.” In particular, he points to the recent Mt. Tamalpais extrication and the leadership, knowledge and dedication that made the mission a success.

“Let me just say this, our Type 1’s just rock, with the directions they provided and rigging up of the several safety lines during the recent Stinson Beach callout – and under considerable stress, I might add,” David says. “(It was) nothing short of remarkable and inspiring … it was a New Year’s Eve/Day that I will not soon, if ever, forget.

“If I had to pass something along, I would say any efforts you are making to maintain your level of physical conditioning while in SAR does pay dividends, and really does pay off in some of these environments we are asked to operate in.

“It continues to be both an honor and privilege to serve as a member of the team with such a dedicated and professional, able-bodied group of people sharing in these common goals.”