Searcher Spotlight: Eric Fok

Eric Fok simply didn’t have enough to do raising four small kids and two dogs and running his own interior design business, so he sought a way to volunteer. He looked at a number of organizations, but either they weren’t that interesting or challenging, he says, or they were too “watered down.” Then in January 2010, he found SAR and the fire was lit.

He is, after all, an avid outdoors person who likes to hit the trail on his mountain bike before dawn, and camps and backpacks when he can. The drive to be physical and take on challenges is in his DNA, Eric says. SAR was a good fit.

“This is what I was looking for. CoCo SAR has really delivered at a level that still amazes me in that everyone does this because we want to.”

Eric is a California guy. Born and raised in Santa Rosa, he attended college in Sacramento. He and his wife Ruth live with their kids in Walnut Creek. Eric works from home, and his business focuses on custom home design, architectural detailing, and specifying, with a specialty in wine cellars and home theaters. His wife, too, works from home, which gives them both the opportunity to be there for their family and pursue their volunteer efforts.

“I’ve learned a lot being self-employed,” Eric says. “Through hard work and discipline, being resourceful, thinking outside the box, and not being afraid to do it ‘my way,’ it has paid dividends in the last 15 years.”

He says it is a privilege and honor to be part of CoCo SAR, with its collective energy that goes toward making a difference. “The SAR mission aligns well with many of my core values: helping others in need, pushing and testing my limits, working to make myself a better person, and most of all, striving to always be learning,” he says. “For this, I expect a lifelong commitment and contribution to CoCo SAR.”