Focus on Success

This has been quite a month. Between completing the 2012 SAR Academy and bringing 38 new members on the team, we experienced one of the busiest months of operations we have had in a long time. One quarter of our total missions for 2012 were handled in the month of October.

On every callout, the team performed outstanding, professional service and made the difference on many searches. At the last staff meeting, we reviewed every mission and discussed what went well and evaluated what areas we can improve on. We have created an improvement plan matrix to ensure we as a team consistently address any areas of improvement.

This continuous improvement process is one of the key points that sets this team apart. We as a culture do not allow the status quo.  Each member plays a huge role in building this program and ensuring its continued growth and success.

The Office of the Sheriff does appreciate the team's work. Each time the SAR Team deploys, a report is generated and sent to every department member from sergeant up to the sheriff. In this report is a brief synopsis of where the team is going and what it is doing.

The respect and gratitude from the full-time staff continues to grow and evolve. The last incident report included the following narrative from the on-call duty officer:

"Yesterday at about 1200 hours in Santa Cruz County, CCCSO SAR members located the missing subject deceased. All members returned to the op area at 1430 hours.

"As always, thanks go out to every volunteer member that was able to assist. Many of these team members have not only been available for nearly every call in the past month, but have played strong roles performing background tasks within the group, from logistics to training new members. All on their own time … all without complaint."

The fact that everyone is singularly focused on the team's success has been demonstrated at all levels of the team this past month.  No matter how big or how small the contribution, you made a difference to those we serve. Thank you.