Getting Noticed

I would like to thank everyone for another month of incredible work. While the County Fair had most of our focus, the SAR machine kept rolling. The metal detectors were out a couple of times, the MRG was deployed to Yosemite, we supported funeral service for a dignitary, supported a very large law enforcement competition for the Sheriff’s Office, The Type I Academy started, the EMR class finished, and we had a very successful full-team medical training in Pinole. 

The Sheriff’s Office full-time staff continues to be in awe of this team’s dedication and service. The execution of the County Fair and its demobilization could not have happened without great SAR support from the team. The group continues to step up and provide a level of service not matched by any other group in the Sheriff’s Office—or any other SAR team for that matter. That gets the team noticed.

At the May full-team medical training, the Assistant Sheriff came out to visit and observe. He spent quite a bit of time interacting with the team and taking photos of the event. He was very impressed with what he saw executed—so much that he forwarded a very complimentary memo to the Sheriff outlining the event and his observations. He stated in his memo “I was very impressed by the dedication and professionalism exhibited by all present.”

Dedication and professionalism seems to be the norm by which this team operates. The level of respect from the public and the full-time staff continues to grow each month. This is not something built overnight. The SAR members dedication to the mission and continued enthusiasm to help out is what makes this team so special. 

All of what you do is appreciated.

Thank you!