If You’re Buying It Anyway …


CoCoSAR has an Amazon Store. If you are buying anything from Amazon, please use our store to do so, since it will give the team a little extra cash and cost you nothing.
You are still buying directly from Amazon, but we get a commission of up to 6 percent on all purchases made from following our links. Our reports DO NOT let us know who bought what, so your privacy is intact.
Here is a link to our store. The search box can be a little tricky, but you will get the hang of it. You just need to choose a category – all of the rest is the same as on the Amazon site.
Everything available on Amazon is available on this link. If you have Prime, you can still use it for free shipping.
If you lose the link, there is a link on the top of theCallOut.org titled “Fundraising.”
Thanks in advance for your help!