In the wee hours of Monday morning in Antioch…

Over half of the CoCoSAR team participated at the Contra Costa County Fair in Antioch as set-up volunteers, medical support and Reserve duty deputies for four days of fair activity. However, an unseen few worked the closing operations. 
While 90-plus team members helped with SAR operations during the fair, eight individuals helped with the dismantling and transfer of equipment back to the OES, some of whom had already spent many hours on medical and SAR duty. Still, with good spirits and a hope to finish quickly, they focused on the task at hand. 
Of course, Murphy’s Law always came into play (“If anything can go wrong, it will”).  So, in the wee dark hours of Monday morning, they had to contend with an uncooperative vehicle and trailer set-up on Hwy 4. But no matter, for the problems were addressed and solutions were found. By 0230 their task was complete, with only the need to get themselves home safely. 

The names of our unsung heroes are Kevin Batewell, Benjamin Fandinola, Erin Field, Robert Harrison, Tim Murphy, Casey Riggs, Micheal Riggs and Paul West. 

Rick Kovar led this merry band of workers. He wished to have these heroic few given a well-earned note of credit for their hard work and willingness to endure. Give them all a thank you for completing the final task and adding to the success of the 2013 County Fair.