Searcher Spotlight: Jamie Corum

Taking Gandhi’s words “Be the change you wish to see in the world” to heart, Jamie Corum set about to join SAR some years ago, but she thought she had to join law enforcement first. She was willing to do that, but a hiring freeze kept her from her course; that is, until she learned she could work for SAR for free – no hiring freeze here. So she joined the SAR force in 2009.

A self-proclaimed IT computer geek, Jamie has put in some 13 years with the Acalanes School District. When she’s not working – or searching – she also enjoys photography and other art forms, traveling the world (it’s Bali next) and hanging with friends and family (synonymous, she says).

“I also reset myself by doing some adrenaline event like parachuting, bungee jumping or zip lining,” she says.

Raised in the Central Valley, Jamie tried on a few neighborhoods before settling in Martinez. She has also tried on a few vocations, including being a massage therapist, getting ordained and playing semi-pro ball. Clearly, she’s not afraid to step up to the plate.

“I’m generally a git-’er-done kind of girl when in the thick of it,” she says. “There will be time to freak out after the fog has cleared.”

Words she wrote in school a few years ago still apply now, she says. Among them: “I believe in humanity and kindness; I search, I rescue; I love a lot.”

Her SAR advice, besides the most practical “Pee before you go,” consists mainly of reminders to be clue-aware and putting the proverbial shoe on the other foot by being a search subject for the Academy.

“On a cold, rainy night, when they don’t find you or hear you and then leave you … but you can see them,” she says, “it makes you realize why we do what we do: So that others shall live.”