January Explorer Training

By Walter Eichinger

The Explorer Unit had a searcher safety and basic self-defense training at UFC Gym in Concord on Jan. 28. Nineteen Explorers joined advisors Walter Eichinger and Natalie Gore and trained with UFC Martial Arts instructor Marc Fickett for the two-hour training.

First discussed and reviewed were all the searcher-safety and team-safety techniques to use while out in the public and, in particular, in the late-night hours. We reviewed keeping a safe and proper distance from field interviews, knocking on doors when doing interviews, and keeping in contact both visually and verbally with fellow team members out in the field.

In the second half of the training, the Explorers participated in basic self-defense skills to better protect themselves and escape from an attacker. Kicking, punching and blocking techniques were taught, simultaneously providing a good workout.
Everyone survived the training in good health and a good time was had by all.