Searcher Spotlight: Larry Shih

Born in Korea to Chinese parents, Larry Shih spent his early years in Korea, then moved to Taiwan for high school. After attending college at S.F. State University here in the U.S., he decided to stay in this country.

After college, Larry went into the hotel business, working as the food and beverage manager for the Hyatt and Marriott hotels, then at the Crowne Plaza and the Embassy Suites in Contra Costa County.
While working, he had time to enjoy his favorite activity—golf. But, because he cares about people and loves to work in local communities, he started volunteering at the Chinatown YMCA 15 years ago. Golf went on the back burner.
After working so many years in Contra Costa County, when Larry decided to join a search and rescue team three-and-a-half years ago, he chose CoCo SAR even though he lives in San Francisco. “I wanted to give back to the county that did so much for me,” he says. Despite devoting a lot of time commuting back and forth for searches, medical details, logistics events, and metal detecting, he also volunteers many hours working with troubled youths, putting his trilingual skills to use while counseling them.
Larry is married and his mother lives with him and his wife. The Shihs’ one son is grown and lives in San Jose.
As Larry gets more searches under his belt, he has found his level of enjoyment grows, and he says he gets great satisfaction from learning how to handle emergency situations.