Measured Growth

This has been a very good month.

We just completed an extremely successful New Member Academy.  The team graduated 38 new Type 3 Team Members. This number included 13 very enthusiastic Explorer youth members.  To a person, this was a great group. Our recruiters, HR team and oral board evaluators did a great job putting this year's academy together.  The academy staff and the additional 80+ team members who assisted during the academy set a gold standard for the new members.  We’ve added the new graduates to the callout roster. They’re going to pay huge dividends in the near future.

Separately, on October 5th, the Red Cross honored the Search and Rescue Team with a Community Heroes award. This award recognized the incredible work that the team has performed over the past year.  This award was also accompanied by proclamations from the State Assembly, State Senate, a member of Congress and the Board of Supervisors recognizing the team for outstanding achievement. 

We as a team do not do what we do for recognition and accolades.  But it is professionally rewarding to know the work each and every member contributes is recognized by groups like the Red Cross as well as our elected bodies.  As long as the team stays focused on the mission and performs at a level way beyond expectations, people will notice.  That is what is happening with the latest trend.  We’re being recognized for consistently providing the best service in the State. 

Finally, I want to give special recognition to our K9 program. As you know we recently got two trailing dogs on-line.  Additionally the K9 leadership has been working to update their SOPs and training manual to create a firm resource foundation.  The COCOSAR K9s have been working in coordination with our CARDA-affiliated members.  This group as a whole is really improving our K9 capabilities across the board.

This month the state has requested K9 trailing services through mutual aid to assist other counties.  In addition our HRD/Decomp dogs have been requested to assist with several crime scenes in Hercules and San Joaquin county.  This past week our handlers recovered human remains from a train vs. pedestrian in Oakley that weren’t recovered during the initial investigation. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, having a strong K9 program is going to increase the team’s missions.  The recent Clayton hasty search was originally a straight request from Clayton PD for “bloodhounds” to search for a medically at-risk 63-year-old man.  The officers were only looking for a dog to assist them.  When we spoke to them, we offered up the Hasty squad in addition to the K9s.  Clayton PD didn’t know that was an option.  Our Hasty squad responded (as did our K9s) and as a direct result of the Hasty squad's subsequent investigations, the subject was located.  We’ll see more of these situations as our dogs get requested.

We are going to see an uptick in requests for service as our overall capability expands.  The hard work the K9s are doing is going to ensure the work keeps coming.  This coupled with the great work all of you are doing ensures when we are called we provide the best service we can to the Office of the Sheriff and the county.  Thanks again