Medical Skills Refresher

CPR is one of the more perishable skills SAR members learn. Because it is not something that you use everyday (or perhaps ever), the techniques and procedures can easily slip from memory. The American Red Cross recognizes this and has developed a series of quick and free on-line refresher courses. They recommend you complete a refresher every three months to keep your knowledge and skills sharp.

The American Red Cross website is: There you’ll find refresher courses for both the lay responder and for “Professional Rescuers and Health Care Providers” (that’s us). There are four breathing and cardiac emergencies sessions covering professional rescuer scenarios.

You are also welcome to take the first aid scenarios. If you take the lay responder (for workplace, school, and individuals) CPR refresher, keep in mind that there are some differences between that course and CPR for professional rescuers (for example, lay responders don’t check for a pulse, we do).

For those who have CPR/AED skills down pat, there are other on-line quizzes you can take. A good one is the Wilderness Medicine Institute’s wilderness medicine quiz  You can choose from six categories: anatomy, assessment, environmental, medical, trauma, or other (or a random mix). This site has 150 questions so it’s one you might want to come back to every once in a while.

So take a minute or two and refresh your CPR/AED and first aid knowledge before it slips away.