Full-Team Training, November

November’s full-team training at the Sheriff’s Range was a first on several fronts: With 117 SAR members and an assortment of non-SAR Reserve members, the numbers rose to over 130 for the event, making this the largest training yet. It was also a first in combining the two units in a training (SAR and Reserves) and for the content, which was geared predominantly toward firearm awareness and safety.

Members who had never handled a gun had the opportunity to shoot (with careful supervision). Others who had experience with guns tested their aim in a timed match. But it wasn’t all guns – there were stations covering officer safety, personal safety, and several medical stations, including one that focused on officer-specific medical scenarios. A social time with a barbecued lunch provided by Office of the Sheriff volunteer food service workers and an enthusiastic motivational speech by Assistant Sheriff Sean Fawell made the day complete.