October 2012 Newsletter


SAR Coordinator's Note
Rick Kovar's monthly message to the team. This month: Measured Growth

An opportunity to recognize the ountstanding contributions of selected individuals.
This month: Caroline Thomas Jacobs

Training Recap
A pictorial review of:
A Night on the Rocks
Rossmoor Mock Search

Searcher Spotlights
Get to know your fellow team members. Each month two members are highlighted.
This month it's Joe Keyser and Judi Apfel

Medical Forum
Keep current, refresh your perishable skills, or learn something new.
Taking Vitals
Medical Skills Refresher


News and Announcements

Message from the Ombudsman
This Is What I'm Hearing

Fall 2012 Type III Academy
Type III Academy

Lafayette Reservoir Run
Here's another chance to try your medical skills. Go to the team site to register. Sunday October 28. 07:00 – 12:00. Here is the official website.

Caroline Thomas Jacobs has been appointed to the new position of Ombudsman on the Command Staff.  The Member at Large position, which rotated every 6 months, has been abolished.  Caroline’s primary responsibility going forward will be to represent the interests of the general membership of the team at Command Staff meetings. Congratulations, Caroline, on your new appointment.

Cover Photo: The Hasty Squad has the command post all set up, waiting for the arrival of team members responding to a callout for a mock search during the August monthly training. Photo courtesy of Andy Csepely.