Searcher Spotlight: Paul Dugan

Paul Dugan has known his wife, Mitzi, since their high school days. Despite all their years together, they are still best friends and happy to partner up for more than marriage. Together, they took a CERT class years ago, and during that class they were influenced by Walter Eichinger to join the SAR team. That was in 2005.

Paul is an Antioch native and just as true as he is to his partner, so he has remained true to his hometown—that is, with the exception of the year he spent serving in Vietnam during the war. He even works for a company called Antioch Building Materials, for which he is a maintenance supervisor and heavy equipment operator.

When he’s not working for pay, he’s working for the other organizations about which he cares. Those include Post 161 of the American Legion (for which he was the commander), a military group, and most recently, the California Rescue Dog Association (CARDA). He and Mitzi are working hard to train their two young dogs, Jada and Harley.

For fun, Paul enjoys camping, building hot rods, and riding his motorcycle. The outdoors side of him was drawn to SAR, and he liked the idea of finding people. He says he was surprised, though, how much there has been to learn since he joined. It was also quite a sacrifice to join SAR: He had to shave off a beard he had been growing for eight years!

While Paul and Mitzi currently focus on canine training, they are also both very competent with the Metal Detector Resource, and have participated in many missions.

Paul’s personal SAR motto is very close to the team’s motto: He says, “Always remember we are a team, and we work together so others may live.”