Team Members Topping the Charts

During the course of 2012, CoCoSAR received 57 calls for aid from various jurisdictions. Of these calls, CoCoSAR launched 621 pairs of boots to 35 searches (K9, evidence and lost subject) throughout the state in 2012. Nineteen were in county, while 16 were out of county. The short list below represents those members who got boots on the ground at multiple search venues throughout the year.

Team trainings are important to maintaining one’s perishable skills. The 13 names below represent those members that were either polishing their skills to a fine shine or they were the proctors helping to refresh team members’ skills. 


Most people have lives. Others seem to contribute most of their time to CoCoSAR’s mission. These members’ hours represent compilations of time spent on staff functions, searches, special details, proctoring, skills development within a resource, and a host of other activities that support the team and maintains its readiness.