Upcoming Annual Team Member Survey

By Caroline Thomas Jacobs

In the Spring of 2011, we conducted a team survey with the goal of measuring team members’ attitudes about the CoCoSAR. We surveyed three key areas: team member satisfaction, team preparedness, and team administration. It was a comprehensive survey that asked how team members felt about everything from the reasonableness of the participation requirements to the quality of our monthly trainings to the Command Staff’s vision and leadership for the team. The feedback we received has been invaluable and helped shape how we’ve worked to evolve the team over the last two years.                                                         

In 2011, members gave the team high ratings for providing a quality, professional service (92%), search preparedness (92%), and our ability to run monthly trainings (89%) as well as several other areas.  76% of our team members had a "good" or "excellent" level of overall satisfaction with the team.  We were doing many things right.
The survey also highlighted some potential areas for improvement.  Only 34% of team members felt we were good at retaining quality team members.  Only 55% felt we supervised our resources adequately, and 57% felt we had enough opportunities to get to know each other.  As a team, we made addressing these concerns a priority.  Command Staff created a Resources Lieutenant, SAR Social Sergeant, and increased opportunities for new team members to engage more fully in the team experience.
In an effort to continue this learning process, we are conducting another team survey this month.  We will send out the survey via email to the entire team the week of May 20.  Please take a few moments to respond.  Your feedback is very important.  It is your direct feedback that gives all of us the opportunity to strengthen our team and provide a valuable service to our community.

Update: the team member survey is now available. Please complete the survey by Tuesday, May 28th.