Mission Summary, April

April 2nd
The Hasty Squad received a call on the evening of April 2 and team members were sent to the San Pablo/El Sobrante area where they began a hood-of-the-car search for a mentally challenged 59-year-old male who had left a group home a few hours earlier. The search was conducted from a small parking area, mostly with driving routes, although there was one dog team sent out on foot right away.
The subject was found, safe, by an AMR ambulance crew not far from Doctor’s Hospital, within a few hours of mobilization.

Evidence Search in El Sobrante

SAR members were requested to assist Sheriff’s Office Investigators today, to locate evidence stolen jewelry and a gun taken during a home invasion in the El Sobrante area. While the suspect was apprehended after a short chase, no evidence was found in his possession. Twenty-two SAR members, including the Metal Detector Resource, scoured a ravine and creek where there was thought to be a high probability of locating the missing items. At the request of investigators, the team performed a one-mile street search from the home to the point of capture. The SO investigators were impressed  and thanked CoCo SAR for its commitment to a thorough search