Upcoming Ham License Opportunities

The Communications Support Group has sought out additional one-day “Ham cram” classes for anyone interested in becoming a licensed amateur radio operator, as well as for any current licensees looking to upgrade their privileges. CoCoSAR member Ron Huntington attended the recent training in Tracy and earned his technician license.

“I took David Corsey's Ham-cram session in Tracy,” Ron says. “There were all kinds of people taking the course, from kids to seniors. This particular class has a 90-plus-percent success rate. You basically cram for six 45-minute sessions, and then immediately take the exam while everything is fresh in your mind.

If you don't pass, they allow you to take the test multiple times until you pass. (One person passed on the third try, but most pass the first try.) I was surprised at how easy it was to get my license!”

Here is an updated list of upcoming sessions. (Click to be taken to the registration pages.)

Tracy May 25, 2013 0800-1600

Stockton July 6, 2013 0800-1600

Tracy July 27, 2013 0800-1600

Stockton August 17, 2013 0800-1600

Tracy September 28, 2013 0800-1600

Stockton October 19 2013 0800-1600

Tracy November 23 2013 0800-1600

Stockton December 21 2013 0800-1600

Also, the Concord Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) has a seven-week traditional technician class beginning in August.  For information, email HamRadioClass@gmail.com.

If you register for any of the above classes, let someone from the Communications Support Group know and he/she will try and put people together for carpooling, etc.

Jeffrey Deuel

Amateur/HAM radio liaison

CoCo SAR Comms Support Group

Hunter Deuel

CoCo SAR Comms Support Group