Open Logistics Division Lieutenant Position

CoCoSAR Command Staff is soliciting a volunteer Logistics lieutenant.To be considered for this open position, send an email stating:

  1. Why you would like to have this job.
  2. What experience and/or skills you will bring to this position
  3. What would some of your new division’s goals and objectives be for the remainder of the year.

The Logistics Division insures that all team equipment and vehicles are operationally ready for deployment. This is accomplished through periodic inventory checks and scheduled rehabilitation. At searches, Logistics Division personnel help to set up the CP, issue and recover equipment from field teams and generally work to ensure that Operations has the tools necessary to accomplish the mission. This is a highly visible position that touches every resource and division on the team.

Core responsibilities

  • Supervise and manage a dedicated and talented Logistics Division staff
  • Be the subject matter expert regarding Logistics processes and policies
  • Prepare the annual Logistics budget
  • Prepare annual goals and objectives for the division
  • Track and manage the gear and equipment inventory
  • Ensure periodic maintenance and rehab work is performed on equipment
  • Ensure that SAR rolling stock is mission-ready
  • Coordinate the cross Resource and Division logistics working group
  • Supervise the Communications and IT groups
  • Supervise the SAR store (t-shirt and polo shirt sales)
  • Work collaboratively with the rest of the Command Staff to accomplish team goals and chart the direction of the team
  • Serve on the board of our nonprofit corporation
  • Act as a liaison with other agencies as necessary

We would prefer that any applicants have at least one year of service on the team and some staff experience as a sergeant, corporal or contributing member of a staff working group. Call or email Bryan Walley to discuss this opportunity. We encourage you to volunteer for this vitally important Command Staff position.

Update: Chris Retta has been appointed to the Logistics Lieutenant position on the Command Staff. He was selected as the successful candidate due to his past contributions to the Logistics Division and to the team, his plans for the future for the Logistics Division, and his skills that made him an excellent candidate for this job. Congratulations Chris!