Mission Summary, April

April 2nd
The Hasty Squad received a call on the evening of April 2 and team members were sent to the San Pablo/El Sobrante area where they began a hood-of-the-car search for a mentally challenged 59-year-old male who had left a group home a few hours earlier. The search was conducted from a small parking area, mostly with driving routes, although there was one dog team sent out on foot right away.
The subject was found, safe, by an AMR ambulance crew not far from Doctor’s Hospital, within a few hours of mobilization.

Reminder: Team Participation Requirements

We have an excellent Full Team Training coming up in May, so it's a good time to remind everyone of the Minimum Participation Requirements each team member must meet by the end of the year to maintain their team membership.

  • Each Team Member must attend & participate in at least 6 of the 12 (5 if you are active in an official SAR Resource) Full Team Trainings. We have 8 left in the year.
  • We all must log at least 120 hours as well by year’s end.
  • Lastly, we each must show participation in some Full Team and/or Hasty Searches. We realize that Call Outs have been on the light side so far this year, but by the end of year each team member should be able to attend at least one search at the minimum.

SAR Participation Requirements are here for very good reasons–mostly for your safety and the safety of your team members you are in the field with. Thank you for your membership on the team and your service to your community. Let Walter Eichinger know if you have any questions!

Mission Summary, March

During the month of March, there were two callouts, but only one became a search.

March 9th
The team was preparing to leave for Brentwood to look for a Danville woman who was considered at risk, but the woman was found shortly after the call went out to the team.

March 16th
The full team was called for a mutual-aid search in Lake County. The subject was a missing 12-year-old last seen the morning of March 14. CoCoSAR was asked to join the third operational period.

The original search was on Cobb Mountain, but after purported sightings, the search had been expanded to Lakeport and Kelseyville. Forty-one searchers from CoCoSAR were on scene. Some were sent to Cobb Mountain, while others conducted an urban search, handing out flyers door to door.            

CoCoSAR was handed the management of the entire search for that period, which meant managing over 100 searchers. Marin County took responsibility for one division and CoCoSAR the other.         

Communications were very difficult and the search was logistically challenging, but it went smoothly. After several hours, the girl turned up at her brother’s home in Santa Rosa.