CoCoSAR Searcher Stats for 2011

This is a great time to look back at the achievements of the previous year. It’s also a great time to analyze the work accomplished. The data below validates who the most active team members were in 2011.

Full Team Training Attendance        2011 Hours Logged Hours
Perfect 12’s
John Banuelos
Andy Comly
Bryan Walley 971
Karyn Corcoran
Karyn Corcoran 927
Wilma Murray
Jennifer Wright  887
Near Perfect 11’s
David Cossu
Top SAR Callout Responders        Calls
Dan Coyne
John Banuelos
Bob Harrison
Gerald Fay 17
Rick Kovar
Bryan Walley 17
Paul Moss
Jennifer Wright 15
Jack Peabody
Rick Najarian 14
Casey Riggs*
Karen Corcoran 13
Micheal Riggs*
Matt Shargel 13
Antoine Snijders
Mark Wilfer 13
Bryan Walley
Judy Apfel 12
*Explorers Frank Moschetti 12
  Wilma Murray 12





Explorer Recognition. The Command Staff would like to highlight the efforts of Micheal and Casey Riggs, who not only made 11 out of 12 team trainings, but also attended more callouts and medical events than any other Explorer.