Team Commendations, April 2013

464828_10151446969127157_1682205153_o (1)Micheal and Casey Riggs
The Rescue Twins were nominated for their support of a fellow team member on the second Diablo Endurance Hike (DEH), a Type 1 qualification hike. While both had already certified at a prior DEH event, a fellow team member had not. Knowing this, they volunteered to give up another Sunday to assist her with the second attempt. They faced the heat of the day and provided a guardianship from start to finish with their selected charge.  This is a distinguished example of teammates helping other teammates to succeed. 

Alan Mathews
Alan Mathews was nominated for building, on his own time, an exceptional scale model of a home with everything needed to teach shoring for a recent USAR training. Members commented that the scaled-down structure and scaled shoring equipment were precise in every detail, right down to the scaled-down nails.  Alan spent untold hours of work on a project that helped the USAR instructors better explain and his own teammates better understand the mechanics of USAR shoring and structure support. It was done solely to aid his fellow USAR teammates.

Nancy Hart
Nancy Hart was nominated for her recent contribution, specifically to the Hasty Squad. She developed and delivered a lecture to the Hasty Squad regarding subjects with autism and how to best manage them. In addition, she opened her home for a Hasty mock search in Danville. Her after-action report feedback helped Hasty members understand how CoCoSAR can be viewed as highly supportive to a family or a full-on intrusion, dependent on such simple actions as asking permission to enter, turning off radios to reduce unfiltered CP information, or eliminating nonpurposeful chatter in front of the family.  Her actions helped to raise the professionalism of Hasty members in attendance at both events.

EMR – Who Made It Happen?
While the celebration of the 2013 EMR student and re-certs of EMR has already occurred, kudos have to be extended all the proctors and instructors that supported their effort to pass EMR in 2013.

Over two dozen members of CoCoSAR attended the classes, helped at the labs and provided the support needed for the five skills stations. As proctors, they logged hours equal to the students with the objective of having everyone succeed at the EMR program. Of course the eight instructors have to be given recognition for their contribution to the success of the 2013 EMR program.  

However, of all the contributors, Ed Molascon probably logged the most hours and was viewed by fellow proctors as the hardest working. All EMR graduates and re-cert participants, please take the time to thank Ed for all the work that was done. Consider it a thank you to the over three-dozen contributors to the program.