Team Commendations, March 2013

Command Staff is pleased to recognize five SAR Team members for exemplary service for the month of March.

Diane Blue and Anita Thede are recognized for their overall work with team fundraising and, in particular, the recent St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser. Diane and Anita not only participated in the event, but also planned and coordinated the SAR effort. Their work has helped bring much-needed funds to the SAR Team so we may continue our work!

For their “above and beyond” work in proctoring our current EMR class, Command Staff is pleased to recognize Catrina Christian, Laura Hubbard and Mike McMillan. Not only have they provided excellent proctor help during class hours, each has spent additional time at OES helping students with extra study sessions during non-class days/hours. The EMR students and instructors really appreciate this and the team as a whole benefits, as well.