Team Commendations, November 2013

Command Staff is pleased to select these two team members for November Member Recognition;

 Harrison Robert-MBob Harrison
Bob is commended for his tireless work as the Medical Sgt. for CoCoSAR. His leadership in organizing, recruiting and executing over 12 Medical Support Missions for various events during the year has been outstanding. These Medical Missions places our SAR Team in the spotlight among our community; Bob’s work has been professional and very much appreciated!

Chris Coelho
Coelho Chris-MChris is a very active SAR Team Member and has just been appointed the Mountain Rescue Group (MRG) Lead for the team. His past work as the MRG Logistics has greatly enhanced the readiness of that group for future missions. Chris was also a proctor for the recent Wilderness Emergency Medical Responder (WEMR) Class.