Updated – Team Commendations, October 2013

Command Staff is pleased to announce the below team members as being selected for the October 2013 Member Recognition:

Lamb SteveSteve Lamb
Steve has been a busy bee on a number of activities for the SAR Team. He has been behind the scenes assisting with Logistics on a number of trainings including Urban Shield. Mainly, Steve has logged many hours with his work within USAR Logistics in doing outstanding work in organizing both the USAR Truck and USAR Trailer. His work places the SAR Team in even a better position to respond to an emergency.

Casey Riggs / Micheal RiggsRiggs Micheal Riggs Casey
Seems that both Casey and Micheal have found a niche within the Type 3 and Type 2 Academies. We believe that there was not one class or training that they did not attend and help out. That is a lot time and commitment. Add on top of that being Coach to several new Cadets and throw on top of that they attended the full team training and searches for the month. Thank you Casey and Micheal for your hard work and dedication to the SAR Team and your community.

Banuelos JohnEd_GriffithFong LarryJohn Banuelos, Ed Griffith, Larry Fong
For tremendous work, effort, and long hours over the Type II and Type III academies, as well as UNO, John Banuelos, Ed Griffith and Larry Fong earned captain’s commendations. Another great Academy season!

Eichinger WalterWalter Eichinger
And not to be forgotten: Walter Eichinger received a captain’s commendation for his extensive recent body of work. Walter has numerous jobs on the team, including among them HR lieutenant, Hasty Squad sergeant, Cadets advisor and Social Committee advisor. He put on a successful Hasty Squad training in August that required coordination with multiple agencies. In recent months he has also hosted a movie night at the Brendan Theatre and a full-team picnic. Walter’s HR responsibilities involve, among other things, tracking hours, team trainings and membership compliance, as well as updating the team roster each month. Well done, Walter!