The Pro-Purchase Program

By Joe Keyser
It’s pretty obvious that search-and-rescue-type personalities don’t do what we do for the money. We’re pretty content to toil for a pat on the back—but the occasional perk doesn’t hurt. As members of Contra Costa Search and Rescue, we are eligible to participate in the Pro-Purchase programs from several manufacturers of the gear we know and love. These programs allow us to purchase gear we use for search and rescue at significant discounts off regular retail prices.

All team members in good standing are eligible to participate in these Pro-Purchase programs. Some of the manufacturers who generously allow us to buy gear at a discount are Mountain Hardwear, Black Diamond, Arcteryx, Big Agnes, Camelbak, Petzl, Katadyn, Osprey, and many others. However, there are a few rules we need to follow. The purchases from these programs are intended for SAR team members only. We are not allowed to purchase gear for family members, friends, or acquaintences. This is a strict rule! Manufacturers can and will kick us out of the program if the policy is abused. The one exception is Mountain Hardwear. Feel free to bring friends and family to the Mountain Hardwear employee store. Just show your SAR ID at the front desk to get in.

There is a current list of the various programs available to us on the team web site in the docs section. Look for the document entitled Pro Deal Information Sheet. Gear manufacturers and retail outlets are both listed. For manufacturer discounts, follow the directions on the sheet to sign up. For retailers, just bring along your SAR ID card. Enjoy the shopping and have fun playing with your new discounted gear.