Three Reasons You Should Do The Upcoming Type 2 Qualifying Hikes–Even If You’re Not Qualifying

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1. Build Your SAR Conditioning
Searching requires hiking, and the best way to condition yourself for hiking is to hike – with a fully loaded 24-hour pack. Getting out and climbing some hills with your pack on builds and maintains the exact muscle groups you're going to need when that callout comes. Doing a timed hike is also an opportunity to benchmark where you currently are with your conditioning. 

2. Build Your SAR Knowledge
Chances are, you'll be hiking with fellow team members who have different skills and experience than you do and chatting as you go is a great way to learn from each other (and keep your mind off those hills). At the last qualifying hike, new team members were able to get detailed information about communications and radios from a more seasoned team member who's an expert in those areas. 

3. Build Your SAR Friendships
Nothing creates camaraderie like supporting your fellow team members! It's also a fun way to get social and learn more about people with whom you might not be familiar. That connection will pay dividends at the next training or callout.

Larry Fong will be organizing Type 2 qualifying hikes every month, between now and October. The June and July Type 2 qualifying hike dates are now available for sign-up on the website. All team members must sign up if they plan on attending, so Larry knows to expect you and can safely manage the hike. (If no one signs up, he won't be there, or have proctors and hiking company in place.) If it's unavoidably last minute/same day, please text Larry on his cell to let him know you'll be there (or if you won't, but had signed up).