USAR Training Recap

On a blustery, wet day November 10th, 23 USAR Resource members gathered at Rock City for an intensive five hours of rope training. Though cold and soggy, this hardy group kept to the schedule to stay the course for the 2012 USAR curriculum.
This training represented a significant milestone for the USAR Resource, marking a shift (over the past two years) from a skills focus to an operational focus. Whereas previous trainings relied on heavy instruction and repetition, mainly covering individual aspects of rope rescue, the November training put it all into action. All the rope rescue curriculum's collective skills (beginning to end) were deployed for operational sequence, details and cadence.
For a few of the senior members of the team, additional attendant instruction was given in a high-angle context. For others who were new to rope rescue (or needing a refresher course), Laishan Yee and Vince Kwan led a thorough point-by-point explanation of the systems.
The training concludes the formal USAR trainings for 2012, and Jeremiah Dees, Tim Murphy and Steve Filippoff are getting busy planning for 2013.