We are a Team

While call outs this past month have been almost non-existent, there has been some incredible work going on.  The biggest team highlight is we started a new SAR Academy this past Tuesday.  There are 40 brand new potential team members that will soon be added to our roster.  Vetting and hiring these people into the academy took a monumental team effort.  Diane Blue and Wilma Murray (SAR Den Mom’s) took the lead in processing and bringing this group in. And a host of other members were integral in this effort.  There were countless members who assisted with oral boards, uniform fitting, new member coaching, and logistics support to pull this effort off.  This was an incredible team effort.  Thanks to all who assisted getting this academy up and running.

Also this past month the team has received some significant positive press.  Because of the SAR team’s incredible commitment, we as an organization sometimes get recognized for our overall accomplishments and contributions to the community.  The team is on a roll lately.  This past week I was informed that the SAR team was given a “Community Hero Award” from the Bay Area Chapter of the American Red Cross.  

The Bay Area American Red Cross wrote:
The nominating committee for the Red Cross, Contra Costa Hero’s Breakfast read the nomination of the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR) Team and selected them as one of our 2012 Contra Costa County Heroes! Their story truly inspired our nominating committee. On behalf of the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter, we are pleased to announce that we want to honor them with a Community Service – Organization Hero award. 

Every member played a major role in the team receiving this honor.  The training, preparation and personal capital each and every team member contributes day in and day out is what sets this team apart.  For those interested the Red Cross will be hosting an awards ceremony on October 5th at the San Ramon Country Club.

We don’t do what we do for personal recognition. But when we as a team are recognized for overall achievement we should take pride in this moment.  As a team we work together to maintain a unit that is prepared to do anything we’re asked.  The commitment to the mission and incredible work this team performs is second to none.

The Sheriff’s Office is proud of this organization and appreciates everything you do.