Who Saved Scooby Doo?

Search and rescue is not limited to just humans. Jack Peabody and Dennis Lane rendered aid to a 70-plus-pound Samoyed at the Diablo Trails Challenge on April 20. 

An elderly woman hiked out on the Old Finley trail. She approached Jack and Dennis, and stated that she needed help with her 11-year-old Samoyed dog. He was unable to move and she hoped they could help. Without hesitation, they grabbed a tarp, water and a fanny pack. They hiked roughly a mile or more to their four-legged subject. 

Fellow team members were a bit surprised to see them both return sans the dog. In short, the dog was too big and heavy to carry with just a tarp. However, being resourceful CoCoSAR members, they grabbed a stokes carrier, plus backboard, then requested transport aid from an event coordinator. In no time at all the pair had the dog back at the medical station, resting comfortably. When the owner came by with her car, Jack and Dennis helped the woman place the dog carefully in her car. 

A large thank you card was sent to 50 Glacier with a present. CoCoSAR was thanked for its rescue of Scooby Doo. Jack and Dennis were later identified as the “kind and compassionate” members that had rendered assistance. 

Shhh! Don’t tell them that the present was a delicious box of See’s candy. Somehow the box was consumed at the May 1 Command Staff and team meetings. 

When you see Jack and Dennis, be sure to compliment them on their actions. Others of us may have to also thank them for the chocolate treats.